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The website of the EDUKA Vietnam company expresses the feeling of friendliness, intimacy and is user-friendly. With a simple sitemap, J Studio focuses on the intelligible content of the website and eye-catching interface but still fully shows the spirit and corporate culture of EDUKA Vietnam.

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SOLAS’s website is inspired by a walk of a girl, with an elegant, harmonious and elegant color. Not too sophisticated in its content but strict in its visual, SOLAS is built with lots of passion from J Studio’s creative team.

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Different from other clients in the service industry, Vitality is a purely trading company with a unique line of business. Vitality’s brief for J Studio was a website introducing the company with a formal, clean and scientifically structured interface and content.

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AIVI does not require a sophisticated website but is necessarily scientific and logical. After completion, the client was extremely satisfied with the product presented by J Studio, a website with technology-rich but easy-to-understand content along with a neat and elegant layout.

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