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J Colab

J Colab offers tailored consultancy services encompassing market evaluation, investment strategy, and financial planning, adeptly adjusted to the evolving dynamics of both our clients' portfolios and market conditions. In addition, J Colab facilitates negotiations and establishes business arrangements between Vietnamese enterprises, as well as facilitates collaborations between domestic entrepreneurs and their international counterparts.

Project Consultancy

  • Provision of comprehensive project information for investment decisions and guidance on priority investment policies.

  • Facilitation of connections with domestic and international partners for investment initiatives.

  • Expert consultancy services for project establishment and guidance on investment procedures.


Consultancy on Import, Export, and Customs

  • Acquisition of export clients and import providers, alongside expert guidance on import and export procedures.

  • Consultation on import and export taxation regulations.

  • Expert advice on optimal transportation modes and reputable transporters for efficient trade logistics.


Introduction, Promotion of Commerce, and Trade Brokerage

  • Provision of market insights and results derived from thorough market research.

  • Acting as a commercial representative for both domestic and international enterprises.

  • Expert consultancy on negotiation strategies, contract drafting, and facilitating transactions for the sale and purchase of goods and services. Additionally, assistance in selecting and negotiating with businesses for commercial mandates.


Business Management Consultancy

  • Expert guidance and support in formulating business strategies and executing business plans effectively.

  • Design and restructuring of business mechanisms to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Services encompassing recruitment, training, evaluation, and strategic development planning for human resources.

  • Establishment of robust management networks and assessment of operational efficacy.

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